Our online store is now up and running!!  We have TWO store options.  One for our local fans (which we love dearly), which basically features FREE SHIPPING*.  And another option for everyone else around the world!!  Amazing packages are available.  Some of which, are VERY limited in supply.  So HURRY and order ASAP!!!  Click HERE to go to our new online store.  Thank you all Sked Crew.  We couldn't have survived these many years without each and every one of you!  Much Love!!

Second Album News 

We have decided to take on the recording of our Second Album ourselves.  We did it with Embrace The Heartache and we want to do it again.  It was so much fun the last time we did it.  We will be investing more money into our home studio and we think this album will sound kick ass.  We could hardly wait to start recording all our badass material we have painstakingly beem writing for well over a year!!

NEW Album!!! 

Our much anticipation second album is nearly complete to start hitting the studio to record it.  We have been taking our time writing for this album.  A lot of songs never saw the light of day in any show we have done.  We only want to bring you the best!!


Here we are, about to end another year!!  This year has been tough us.  Hectic work schedules and some of us have been heavily involved in other Projects.  But ALODEX has always been our top priority!  We have continued to write more and more songs for our 2nd album.  We are going in a very amazing direction with our new drummer Bernie Gomez!  He's an amazingly talented individual.  We are lucky to have had him join the group… Read more

Website is now up!! 

Website is now up, as if you didn't already know!!  Let us know what you think!  The Photos page has been totally redesigned and our Extras section has all these new extras...  Yeah, that sounds about right.  If you find any bugs, feel free to email us at or on our Contact page.  More updates soon.  Until then, Keep Rocking!!

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